Welcome to Remesha Drums

Experience the Rhythms of Burundi in the Heart of Canada

Discover Our Heritage

Originating from Burundi and now enriching Ottawa's cultural scene since 2001, Remesha Drums brings the vibrant rhythms of Ingoma to Canada. Our ensemble, composed of passionate drummers, shares a legacy rooted in tradition and modernity.

Our Journey

From traditional ceremonies in Burundi to electrifying performances across Canada and the USA, we've been weaving the beats of our ancestors into the multicultural tapestry of Canada. Join us in our celebration of diversity through music.

Extraordinary Experiences

Remesha Drums is more than a music ensemble; it’s an immersive cultural journey. Each performance is a unique tapestry of rhythm, energy, and tradition, creating extraordinary experiences for our audiences. From the heart-pounding beats at large festivals to the intimate gatherings that echo with our drums, we bring a piece of Burundi to every corner of Canada and beyond. Join us in these extraordinary moments where music transcends language and unites us in celebration of our shared humanity.

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Learn more about our story, explore our past events, and find out how you can experience the powerful beats of Remesha Drums.